Amazon Prime Big Deal Days 2023 – dates, times and how to get the best savings

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The first ever Prime Big Deal Days has started. The Amazon shopping event runs from October 10 to 11, offering two days of savings for Prime members – but you could be forgiven for not knowing what it is or how it works. After all, 'Big Deal Days' doesn't exactly trip off the tongue the way 'Prime Day' does.

Check out the all best Prime Big Deal Day offers

Don't worry – we can help. Below, you'll find our detailed guide to everything you need to know about what is essentially another chance to pick up some Prime Day deals, only in October not July. There's a little bit more to it than that, though, so read on for all the essential info.

Amazon Prime Big Deal Days 2023: FAQs

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What is Amazon Prime Big Deal Days?

Prime Big Deal Days is essentially a Prime Day in October, or Prime Day 2. It will offer two days of discounts on everything from Amazon devices to TVs to laptops to appliances to beauty products and much more. 

It's much like the Prime Early Access Sale in Singapore or the Big Smile Sale in Australia that the retailer held last year, where the majority of the deals served as a preview to the Amazon Black Friday sale. If you're not a Prime member, expect many offers will come back during that end-of-year sale for another chance to bag the same bargains.

When does Amazon Prime Big Deal Days take place?

Big Deal Days runs from Tuesday, October 10 to Wednesday, October 11, 2023 for locally available deals. 

In Australia, the sale starts at 00:01am AEDT on October 10 and runs until 5pm AEDT on Wednesday, October 12. This is because Aussie shoppers have access to deals from Japan, Germany, the UK and the US, so the sale doesn't end till it does on the US West Coast.

Similarly, in Singapore, the sale will kick off at midnight on October 10 and end at 3pm on Wednesday, October 12.

Do I need Amazon Prime to access the deals?

Yes, you need to be an Amazon Prime member in order to get access to the Prime Big Deal Days deals. However, a small selection is available to all. Membership costs AU$9.99 / SG$2.99 per month. In Australia, you can get an yearly subscription for AU$79. New subscribers can take advantage of the 30-day Amazon Prime free trial to buy the deals, so sign up now to be ready. 

While on the free trial, you get all the other membership benefits including free shipping, access to Prime Video and much more. Note that the benefits available for subscribers in Singapore is different to what is available in Australia. For more details, head to our dedicated articles on what is Amazon Prime in Australia and what an Amazon Prime membership gets you in Singapore.

How is Prime Big Deal Days different from Prime Day?

The honest answer is that it's not any different at all! Big Deal Days is really just Prime Day under a different name, and in October rather than July. Like Prime Day, it offers discounts for Prime members only, across all of the major categories available on Amazon. We're not really sure why they didn't just call it 'Prime Day in October' or 'Prime Day 2', but presumably Amazon knows what it's doing.  

Are early Prime Big Deal Days deals available now?

Yes! There are already dozens of early Big Deal Days deals on offer, and we've rounded them all up in our Prime Day deals hub for Australian shoppers (if you're in the UK, visit our Singapore Prime Day deals page).

When was Amazon Prime Day 2023?

Amazon Prime Day 2023 ran from midnight of July 11 until 11:59pm AEST / SGT on July 12. Of course, as before, there was the extra hours of shopping available for international offers until 5pm AEST / 3pm SGT of July 13.

A good number of Prime Day deals were available in the week running up to the event, too, so you could actually bag a bargain quite early. And some offers remained live following the official end of the sale, too, for last-minute shoppers.

How to prepare for Prime Day 2023: our pro tips

We've collected together some buyer's tips and advice that will help you get the most out of Amazon Big Deal Days. This is based on our own experience covering Amazon events for eight years now. 

Some of these tips may seem pretty basic and straightforward to some, but they're definitely not to be overlooked if you're preparing a shopping list already.

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1. Find an Amazon Prime free trial...
Amazon Big Deal Days is reserved for Prime members only. However, if you've not subscribed in the past, Amazon offers a free trial that you can activate in the lead-up to the event. Just be careful that you time your membership to run over the period of Big Deal Days and cancel once it's over so you aren't charged a fee.

2. ..but don't rely on it
Last year we saw more retailers participating in similar Prime Day sales in order to steal a little of Amazon's pie. We expect online retailers like eBay and Kogan will run their own discounts over the same period this year, which means you can shop around to find the best Big Deal Days deals possible. Ultimately, you could find a big saving on exactly what you want outside of Amazon, where membership isn't required.

3. Know what you want to buy...
Going into big sales events such as Amazon Prime Big Deal Days with an idea of what you want to buy is a great place to start. Sure, we all like to do a bit of digital window shopping, but knowing what you're after means you can filter out all that noise, dodge the rubbish lightning deals and get straight to the good stuff right away. Take the time now to research the price history of your chosen product, as well as the prices of its competitors over the last year – both cheaper and more expensive versions. With that in mind, you can go into Big Deal Days knowing for yourself what is a good deal.

4. ..but stay flexible
Even if you know everything about the one product you really want, it's unwise to assume that the particular TV, tablet or whatever it is you're after will be on sale. Your heart may be set on a product but the big day can roll around and no savings are found on it. Does that mean you should give up? No way. 

Take all that research you did in the days beforehand to look at similar products. Is there an equivalent cheaper item that's even less for Big Deal Days, or perhaps that slightly more expensive model is now reduced to a price more in line with your original item? We'll be on hand to help with these suggestions, too, so you could get an even bigger saving or come away with a better product that you would have otherwise missed out on.

5. Get in there early...
When Big Deal Days begins, you want to be one of the first to check which offers have gone live at midnight – or at least first thing in the morning when you wake up. We don't think that anything is going to sell out in a matter of hours in this early window, but there's definitely a risk that the hottest deals will sell out as the first day draws to a close. If you see something you really want to buy, get it in your basket right away – you can always cancel the order if you change your mind.

6. ..but check back throughout the event
Just because you've managed to secure your dream deal straight out the gate doesn't mean Amazon is done. New Big Deal Days deals will be released throughout the entire sales window and there are often limited-time lightning deals that may grab your attention. And sold-out products may come back at a later time if you missed out on something big.

Prime Big Deal Days vs Black Friday – should you wait?

Both Amazon Prime Big Deal Days and Black Friday generally offer discounts on the same kinds of devices, but there are a few differences between the sales events.

Prime Big Deal Days deals are largely focused on Amazon itself, while other stores like Best Buy and Walmart compete against them with a few of their own discounts. Competition among shoppers will also be significantly reduced on Big Deal Days, which means that deals will generally be easier to find, easier to price check and won't run out of stock so quickly. 

Black Friday, on the other hand, is set across a much larger range of retailers, with prices that tend to be a little cheaper across a wider variety of brands. That does mean putting in a lot more work to make sure you get the best offer possible and keeping a close eye out for limited-time flash sales. With more competition between retailers, though, we do tend to see slightly larger discounts in November.

Of course, you may also simply want your tech sooner. If so, we wouldn't recommend a few weeks for the chance of a better discount. There's no guarantee that prices will be any different closer to Black Friday, especially on Amazon products. And with the way the sales start even earlier now, chances are the prices you see in October will be as low as they go over the two-month period.

How to find the best Prime Big Deal Days deals

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Amazon won't necessarily do a great job of promoting the best Prime Big Deal Days deals. Sure, it will shout about many of its own devices and other well-known products that are on sale, but it's often worth looking beyond these highlighted deals for some even better savings. We do a lot of that searching for you and will share our favorite offers on our Prime Day deals page, but here's some more advice on how to find the best offers.

Before the sale begins is a good place to start. In the run-up, Amazon usually has a few offers live that are a tease for the big event. These aren't usually some of the biggest products, but can still be tempting bargains. We sometimes see reductions on its own subscription services such as Audible, Music Unlimited and Kindle Unlimited during this window, making it a good time to sign up.

We also strongly encourage you to keep an eye on Amazon Warehouse. We often see store-wide discounts of up to 20% across this selection of second-hand, used and open-box products. All items are checked, tested and Amazon-approved before they go back on sale, plus they are covered by the standard returns policy, so you don't have to worry if you run into any issues. Generally, it's an excellent option to bag an even bigger bargain.

Set Prime Big Deal Days deal alerts

Want to avoid missing out on any big bargains over Amazon Prime Big Deal Days? You can set deal alerts for the duration of the sales event that will ping you a notification when specific products or items from your search history are reduced.

You can also use this function with Alexa. Simply add a product to your cart with voice commands and then tell Alexa to notify you when that product goes on sale.

It's a good way to ensure you get everything you want during Prime Big Deal Days. We'd suggest taking a look at the sneak peak of some of the upcoming deals and seeing which ones you want to be notified of when the sale starts on October 10.

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