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Asus My Cinema-U3000 review

A USB TV tuner that actually stands out from the crowd

It boasts a form factor which is best described as 'interesting'

Our Verdict

A versatile and well thought-out tuner that does its job well


  • Interesting design


  • Looks like an ancient mobile

One USB TV tuner stands head and shoulders above the nondescript herd that comprises its peers: the ASUS My Cinema-U3000.

It boasts a form factor which is best described as 'interesting', and connects to your PC via cable rather than plugging directly into the port.

It's actually a reasonably smart design because, despite sharing a frightening similarity to a 1980s mobile phone, the flip-open lid incorporates an FM aerial, so you can listen to the radio without having to plug in the stubby external TV aerial.

If you just want to watch TV, it flips down again to save space. The U3000, like many recent TV cards, also comes with Cyberlink's pretty-yet-powerful Media Center-apeing PowerCinema, which happily lets you flick between analogue and digital.

It's a sturdy and well thought-out USB tuner and worth a punt if you haven't got one already.