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Here's one absurdly efficient way to get ready for Star Wars 7

Star Wars Mashup

Well, this takes binge-watching to a whole new level.

Marcus Rosentrater, animator for the acclaimed TV series Archer, has seen fit to stack all six of the Star Wars films on top of each other and make them viewable all at once, because why not?

Whether he's doing this to offer a unique refresher before Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out, or just giving us a taste of what LSD can do to the brain, the result is surprisingly, well, beautiful.

Yes, it's a cluttered mess of bright lightsabers juxtaposed with dull ones and Sand People shouting at Senators in the chamber of Coruscant, but you also get a look at how the filmmaking changed over the years. The opening titles are different sizes, John Williams' score sounds a hair different from scene to scene and ILM's special effects take on a new life in every frame.

Whether this was meant to be a sensory overload or just a new way to digest George Lucas' creations, I found this is by far the easiest way to re-watch The Phantom Menace.

Via Nerdist