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Mobiles unite for bigger display, more power

Two mobile phones that can join together as one to create a larger display, or that can be combined to share battery power, is the central concept behind the Duofone .

Designed by Daewoo Kim, the Duofone concept is based around the idea that two heads are better than one. Essentially, the Duofone concept uses a pair of mobile phones that can operate individually. But they're designed to also be used together to deliver more functionality and an improved performance.

They can be connected side-by-side to double the display size for multimedia viewing, for example. Or if either of the pair is low on battery power, the other can be hooked up to share its juice.

The Duofone design emphasises the dea of sharing and co-operation to improve performance. To highlight the partnership concept, the designer has even created the Duofone's charging cradle so the phones look like a couple lying side by side in bed when they're docked. Sweet.