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Incoming: credit card built into watches

We could soon be paying for shopping by simply touching our watch against a sensor. That's if PayPass technology - introduced by a Turkish bank and MasterCard - comes to the UK.

The limited edition wristwatch, from Turkey's Garanti Bank , has a MasterCard PayPass -enabled credit card built in. It works using contactless technology. Instead of fumbling for coins, users can pay for items costing under 15 euros (£10) in value simply by tapping the watch against a sensor in store.

The Garanti Bank PayPass watch works in a similar way to Oyster cards on the London Underground system. It can be used in over 600 locations in Turkey, including Burger King and Starbucks restaurants.

The first watch featuring PayPass technology was introduced in Asia in June last year. It's now being introduced in non-card forms such as key fobs, wristbands and mobile phones.

"Contactless payments have a major role to play in the replacement of cash in European commerce," said Cathleen Conforti, Global PayPass product manager, MasterCard Worldwide.

"The launch of a highly innovative payment device like this watch... is just one of the ways we are bringing fast, convenient and secure alternatives to cash to the European market."