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The Google Pixel Buds update you were waiting for has arrived

Google Pixel Buds

Google Pixel Buds, while a good-sounding set of Bluetooth earbuds, are sorely lacking in gestures that let you do more without yanking your phone out. 

A few months after its launch, Google is now in the process of issuing a sizeable update that aims to fix that.

The first is a triple tap gesture that powers the Pixel Buds on and off. Previously, the only way to turn them off was to return them to their charging case. This will be good for saving battery life. Google’s headphones rank well among its peers already, so it should do even better now.

Moving onto the main attraction, a double tap gesture now skips tracks. While this should have definitely been available day-and-date with this product’s release, we’re happy to see it arrive. The lack of track skipping was one of the Pixel Buds’ more questionable omissions compared to the Apple AirPods.