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Polaroid reboots new AV range exclusive to Asda

Polaroid reboots new AV range exclusive to Asda
This is the level of immersion you can expect from a £400 TV

Polaroid is launching a new range of AV products and you won't be able to buy them anywhere but Asda in the UK.

The new line up includes a Polaroid 3D TV, sound dock and DAB radio which you'll find somewhere between the bread and the milk.

The range comes with a 42-inch 3D TV, going by the catchy monicker Polaroid ELCD42P3DL10, which comes with an Asda-sounding price of £399 as well as Freeview tuner, 3 HDMI slots, PC input and a SCART socket.

Bargain basement

There's also a 32-inch non-3D HD TV with the wallet-friendly price tag of £219.

Also coming to the supermarket aisles are a compact DVD player for £20, a portable DVD player for £45 and a not-too-hideous wooden DAB radio dock priced at £35.

Die hard fans will be pleased to hear that Polaroid will be continuing to make its instant-printing cameras, which you'll be able to buy basically anywhere but Asda – however, a spokesman tells us that the supermarket may be bringing some of the newer models into its camera range soon.