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Google takes on the laptop thieves with Chrome OS assassin

Chrome OS adds remote lock

Google Chromebook owners will soon be able to disable stolen devices thanks to an update for its Chrome OS platform that gives them extra privileges to bolster the security of their affordable PC.

First reported on by SlashGear, Google employee Francois Beaufort announced that Chromebook owners will soon have the ability to disable devices remotely and even communicate with the person that has stolen the machine.

In the event that the security of the Chromebook is compromised, the device can be locked and then all that will appear on screen is a custom message set up by the admin that displays contact information indicating where to return the device to.

Android security coming soon

This will be the first of a number of security features heading to Chromebooks. Since May 2014, the Chrome OS developer channel has hosted experimental features to allow remote wiping, locking and locating characteristics, which are already a part of the Android security portfolio.

The march against device thieves, meanwhile, will gather pace in July when it will become law for all smartphones manufactured and sold in certain US states to include an option for owners to remotely lock and wipe all data if they are stolen.