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Google Translate to become more fluent with Word Lens on board

Google Word Lens
The reason for the purchase is as plain as English

Google is about became more fluent in reading foreign languages thanks to its purchase of Word Lens app maker Quest Visual.

The biggest gain is going to be for Google Translate, as Word Lens' camera magic can make sense of seven different languages in real-world environments.

The innovative translation app overlays the language of your choice on everything from road signs to menus when you're peering through a smartphone screen or Google Glass.

In effect, a stop sign in French changes from "Arrêt" to the "Stop" or "Halt" right before your eyes. It's the kind of tool that could make Google Translate everyone's default translation app.

Quest for the future

Quest Visuals use of augmented reality always had more noble ambitious compared to the AR games we've seen from other app makers.

That said, Google could pull the Word Lens from the iOS, Android and Google Glass app stores in the future once it finds its way into Google Translate.

Expect to hear more about this at Google IO 2014, which kicks off on June 25.