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Google iOS app gets Google Instant and site previews

Google iOS app gets Google Instant and site previews
Preview sites to save yourself three seconds of woe

Google has updated its iOS search app, adding Google Instant and website previews into the mix.

The more image-orientated app is squarely aimed at improving the search experience for iPad users; one example is how it lets you flick through a coverflow style carousel of image results.

As with Google web search, iPad users will start to see results pop up as they type their search query in, and the site previews will give a thumbnail snapshot of the resulting sites.

Socially networked

It also includes an on-page search function, making it easy to search for a word on the page you're viewing as well as adding the Google +1 button for sharing pages on Google+ and other social networks.

You can also see search results and websites side-by-side so you can quickly and easily decide which is better for your needs.

The Google Search app update is free and available from the Apple App Store now.

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