Samsung Gear S4 may come in two sizes to fit comfortably on your wrist


Rumors for the Samsung Gear S4 have begun trickling out over the last few months and the excitement is starting to build after last year's Samsung Gear Sport was a limited upgrade. Now we've heard the first word the upcoming watch will come in two sizes.

Previously Samsung has split the Gear S3 range into the Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Classic, but each watch was the same size with a 1.3-inch screen on each.

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Samsung blog SamMobile are now reporting the watch will be offered in two different sizes. 

Whether that means there will be a split like Frontier and Classic with different sizes or if it'll be the same watch in different sizes (like the Apple Watch range with its 38mm or 42mm options) remains to be seen.

It may also be the larger watch offers LTE features and the smaller one doesn't. That said, Samsung later brought mobile internet features to an upgraded Gear S3 Classic after it was originally an exclusive feature for the Frontier.

Hard at work

The latest report claims Samsung is developing the watch in the US at the moment. We previously heard the watch was in development under the codename Galileo, but this new information suggests there will be an even bigger focus on the US market.

Carriers such as Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are said to be interested in offering LTE features when the watch launches. That's a good selection of carriers considering most watches are usually limited to one or two of the big carriers and mobile networks, but we don't currently know who wants to range the watch in other markets.

Earlier this year we heard that Samsung would be putting a big focus on upgrading the health and fitness features of the Gear S4 as well as sleep tracking.

It seems Samsung wants this to be a powerhouse watch to track your overall health, but it's also great to know the company is intending to improve LTE support.

So far we know the watch is rumored to be released later this year, but when is currently unclear. We can anticipate there may be news from the company in September at IFA 2018 as that's where the company revealed the Gear S3 in 2016 and Gear Sport in 2017, but it's still early days for the Gear S4 so there may be some big changes before then.