Samsung Galaxy Watch logo suggests it's the new name for the Gear S4


What Samsung will call its next smartwatch is one of the biggest questions in wearable tech right now. New rumors are popping up each week, with the name rumored to be the Gear S4, the Gear Sport 2 or even the Galaxy Watch.

The latest rumor suggests the last name in that list may be the final title for the device, as the company has submitted a patent for the Samsung Galaxy Watch logo (the one you can see below) to the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

The application from Samsung was submitted on June 20 and has now been spotted by the GalaxyClub website.



It may be Samsung is just patenting this to cover all its options here, but this does add some evidence to the theory that it will be called the Galaxy Watch. The biggest question will be whether Samsung is using this new name to signify a change from Tizen software to Wear OS.

Samsung's first smartwatch ran on Android Wear software, but then the company switched to its own Tizen platform and changed the series from the Samsung Galaxy wearables line to Samsung Gear.

The switch back to the Galaxy name does suggest the company may be ready to embrace Google's Wear OS software (the latest version of Android Wear) again, but we haven't seen any solid evidence yet that the company will be doing that for its next release.

Samsung is expected to announce products at IFA 2018 towards the end of August this year, and it's likely that a new smartwatch will appear then and perhaps even a new fitness tracker and tablet, as the Samsung Gear Fit 3 and the Galaxy Tab S4 are also rumored.