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The next version of Google Glass is reportedly already in development

The good ship Google Glass just keeps on rolling this week as news of the next version of the wearable has surfaced.

Following Google's decision to permanently open Glass sales to everyone in the US on May 13, it appears as though Google Glass 2* is already in the hands of Google's R&D team.

There are no details (specs, price, you name it) of the new version of Glass other than it's in the early stages of development.

Where the Glass grows

As reported by (Google translation), Kong Wenjun of Crystal Optech said his firm is supplying small quantities of optical coatings for second-generation Google Glass.

Crystal Optech supplies Liquid Crystal on Silicon displays for the current version.

The new coatings are reportedly getting to Google through middlemen so as not to draw a direct connection to Mountain View, giving the whole thing a very cloak-and-dagger feel.

With Google IO right around the corner, we expect to hear plenty about Glass and what Google has planned for a public release. Stay tuned as we'll be covering the conference from the ground next month.

*Google introduced a version of Glass equipped with a mono earbud in October 2013, but that was really like Google Glass 1.5.

Via G for Games