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Google Glass may only be worth a tiny fraction of its asking price

Google charges $1,500 for Google Glass at the moment, but we're told that might be after a pretty significant price hike.

TechInsights, the name behind, recently stripped apart the eyewear and calculated an estimated $79.78 (around £47, AU$85) cost for the components combined.

A Google spokesperson has said that the estimate is "absolutely wrong", according to The Wall Street Journal, but G isn't saying anything beyond that. We're chasing Google right now to see if we can get a clearer idea on how far off the mark it thinks TechInsights is.

That's a pricey meatball

After all, there's a bit more to it all than just adding up the pieces. Putting Glass together will have its own costs – possibly a high one considering how tightly packed it all is - not to mention having to cover the cost of all the development that has gone into the device.

But even then, we can't see it reaching anywhere near the $1,500 mark. Teardown says it's going to take a deeper look, but it doesn't think the cost will change massively.