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Elonex goes Android crazy, reveals six tablets

Elonex - ramping up its Android production
Elonex - ramping up its Android production

Elonex has announced a sextet of new Android tablets, all aimed at users on a budget.

The range was shown off at the Gadget Show 2011, with the tablets going under the Etouch banner.

Prices begin at £119 and for this you will get the Etouch 760ET – a 7-inch tablet. The reason it is so cheap is that you will have to put up with a resistive screen.

There is also the Etouch 702ET which is also 7-inches but with a capacitive screen. Both of these use Android 2.2.

Progressive tablets

There are also four 10-inch tablets coming to the market. These are the: Etouch Blade 1000ET, 1044ET, 1040ET and 1043ET.

The 1000ET is likely to be the cheapest, as it will come with a resistive touchscreen and, according to Elonex, the 1044ET has a progressive touchscreen.

This seems to be a combination of both resistive and capacitive so should be responsive but low-cost.

The 10-inch Android models have a UK release date of May and prices begin at £149.