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Vodafone looks to new femtocell push

Vodafone's femtocell
Vodafone's femtocell

Vodafone has decided to give its femtocells another push, hoping that new pricing and a shiny new brand will encourage take-up of the 3G-boosting devices.

So, for Vodafone Access Gateway (and the rather horribly sounding acronym that it inevitably brought) now read Sure Signal - which at least hints at what the device actually brings.

Of course, boosting a 3G signal in a house is often negated by the fact that people who like these type of things are on their Wi-Fi network, but when the pricing drops it's certainly not a bad option.

A nifty and it's yours

According to Rethink Wireless, the femtocells - formerely known as VAG - will now be priced at a reasonable £50 down from £160 with an annnual £5 a month option also mooted.

That may well come with a big marketing push from the company.

"No other network in the UK can ensure a great mobile phone signal in the home, because the Sure Signal is unique to Vodafone," said the operator's UK CEO Guy Laurence.

"Customers tell us it is life-changing."

The Sure Signal offers a minimum1Mbps download when connected to a broadband line, and can be registered with up to 32 different mobile phones and used by up to four Vodafone handsets at the same time.