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Telstra kicks the generator back on after nationwide outage

Telstra kicks the generator back on after nationwide outage

If you've been experiencing connection problems with your Telstra 3G and 4G data services today, you weren't alone – Telstra took to Twitter earlier today to inform its customers of an issue affecting mobile voice and data services across the country.

News is reporting that 16.7 million services were affected by the outages, with some reporting a complete loss of services, however, Telstra has announced that it has isolated the issue and has already started restoring data services for its customers.

"We've identified the issue and services are being restored progressively. Thank you for your patience. Sorry for any inconvenience caused," read the post on Telstra's twitter account.

While service repairs are already under way, there are still many areas still experiencing outages – you can follow an updated map of the affected areas at

Rival telco Optus also experienced some network problems around midday today, but nothing of the same magnitude as the outages on Telstra's network.