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Westpac represent – Tap and Pay with Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

Tap & Go for Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

Chances are that you’re more likely to forget your wallet at home than you are your phone these days, which is why it’s so great that Westpac has brought Tap and Pay functionality to customers with Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge smartphones.

Westpac Tap and Pay has been available for Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, S5 Mini, Galaxy Alpha, Note 3, Note 4 and Note Edge handsets for a while, so this addition is no surprise.

New Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge owners can simply download the Westpac Mobile Banking app, and then make purchases by holding their compatible device up to a contactless payment terminal that accepts Visa Paywave, MasterCard PayPass or American Express.

Baby, I got your money, don’t you worry

Commonwealth Bank has its own Commbank tech payment options, with its Pay & Go system providing similar NFC functionality. Commbank promises that its payment system works on all NFC-enabled Android devices running Android 4.4 or above, which should include the new Galaxy handsets.

The news has to be a sore spot for Aussie iPhone users, as Apple Pay still hasn’t made it to our shores.