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Vodafone 360 H1 phone available on pre-order

Vodafone's 360 service - now ready for pre-order
Vodafone's 360 service - now ready for pre-order

Vodafone has announced its flagship handset for its new 360 service - the Samsung H1- is available for pre-order.

The handset will be launching on 30 October, and is designed to bring together all your social networking and entertainment into one place.

Vodafone has created multiple levels for the 360 platform, from a simple application for entry-level applications to a complete OS for its handsets (such as the Samsung H1).

3D experience

The H1 brings a 3D experience for interacting with your 360 friends, allowing users to bring their best buds to the front for easy update viewing.

The vodafone 360 service

Being made by Samsung, the H1 has a 3.5-inc OLED screen like others in the Korean's range, a pretty large inbuilt 16GB memory, WiFi, GPS, and a 5MP snapper.

It won't be cheap though, with a Storm 2-a-like tariff of £35 and above for a two-year term with a free phone thrown in for good measure.

Point your browser to if you're interested in pre-ordering one, or point it to if you want to see irked bunnies instead.