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US to force Apple over Google Voice on iPhone?

Google Voice
Google Voice will surely appear on the iPhone before long

It was inevitable that someone of a regulatory persuasion would stick their nose into the brewing row over Google Voice being denied access to the iPhone App Store and that appears to be the US FCC.

Various sources are reporting that the Federal Communications Commission has written to both Apple and Google, as well as the US iPhone carrier, AT&T, asking for more information about the block.

Competitive market

An official explanation from the telecoms regulator explained that it "has a mission to foster a competitive wireless marketplace, protect and empower consumers, and promote innovation and investment."

Whether or not AT&T fancies having its customers 'empowered' into making free VoIP calls over the network instead of paying to talk as they do now is not up for debate.

However, if the FCC does force Apple's hand in the US and force it to allow Google Voice and other VoIP apps, it's uncertain what the implications will be for other territories.

Via CNN Money