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The iPhone 5 - as you won't have seen it before

The iPhone 5 - as you won't have seen it before
Our crack news team offers fresh Apple reports from the juice bar of rumours

Want an alternative look at the new iPhone 5? TechRadar's crack newscasters are on hand to help out

Sure, you've seen the large amount of rumours surrounding Apple's new iPhone, but you've not seen it presented by the likes of Mario Acington-Awesome, Foggy Nimbus and Vanessa Newsworthy.

It smells of rich mahogany

From the possible iPhone 5 release date to a highly detailed look at how the chassis design might turn out, we've got it all rounded up in one place.

And that's without our very own iOS-ologist's look at the upcoming features of the new handset's software… and a call from a man who's done strange things with his iPhone and dog.

So if you want something different of the myriad rumour videos out there on Apple's forthcoming handset, check out our special news report… and we'll see you in your dreams.