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Spotify app now available on Android Market

Droidify appears on the Android Market
Droidify appears on the Android Market

Spotify has got its first mobile application on the Android Market portal, but is an unofficial effort as the company gears up for the official release.

Called Droidify, it's been created by developer 'enthusiasts' who claim they developed it "so that people can enjoy Spotify on their Android phones, while waiting for the release of the official client from Spotify".

It allows playlist and song synchronisation over Wi-Fi or 3G, although the main downside is it doesn't have offline playback like other prospective apps are packing.

Future gains

However, the developers say this feature could be added in the future, which would make it a very real competitor to the full application should it gain critical mass by having an earlier release.

You also need a premium account to access it, but we'd been expecting that on both the Apple and the Android versions anyway.

Simply search for it on Android Market at the moment - we've contacted Spotify to see what it thinks about the application and can only hope it signals the first step for free music moving from the PC to the mobile.