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Apple iPhone to get Nintendo games

Could the Apple iPhone be the next big mobile gaming platform?

With its large multi-touch display, the Apple iPhone is a prime candidate for mobile gaming and that's what being suggested by the latest iPhone rumour screaming around the web.

Nintendo plans to licence a limited number of games titles for use on the iPhone - partly as a way to defend itself from the growing popularity of mobile gaming, according to Noheat .

The same site says that Nintendo had planned to launch a mobile phone of its own, but dropped the plans when the Apple iPhone was announced at Macworld in January .

Games aimed at an adult audience will be sold through the iTunes Store for a steep $29 (£15) a pop.

Growing interest in the Mac

Games publishers have shown renewed interest in the Mac platform as sales of Apple laptops, desktops and the iPod continue to surprise. Electronic Arts (EA) said that it was bringing new games to the Mac at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC).

Apple iPod users can already buy 14 different games for their portable audio-video player, with prices ranging from 79p to £3.99.