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How many iPhones has Apple sold?

Apple has either sold as many as 700,000 iPhones since launch, or as few as 160K

Apple shares have tumbled in recent days - largely because AT&T activation figures have shown a far lower number of iPhone sales - just 146,000 - than had first been thought. Some financial analysts had predicted as many as 700,000 sales during the iPhone's debut weekend. And now there's a panic, of sorts, as everyone tries to figure out what the real numbers are, or are likely to be.

The truth, however, will be revealed in just a few hours time when Apple releases its financial results for the 3rd quarter; a quarter that just about takes in the first two days of iPhone sales.

We'll also find out too whether the iPod is still going strong, and whether the so-called iPod 'halo effect' is having an effect on Mac sales and Apple's PC market share.

We'll be reporting Apple's results live, so check back around 10pm this evening for the full skinny.