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Will Google's Android have security issues?

Android is the name for the OS and application set that will be launched by the Open Handset Alliance

Security vendor McAfee has released a statement offering its 'support' to the Google-supported Open Handset Alliance. But it's tempered this by warning there could be security concerns over the platform.

McAfee questions whether: "consumers need to be concerned about security when their mobile phones are operating on an open source platform, like Linux?"

McAfee will save the day

A good point, perhaps. But it seems we needn't worry. In McAfee's own words: "McAfee is the only security vendor and core member of the LiMo foundation" (a mobile Linux initiative). In other words, it's a dangerous world out there people, but we've got a gun.

"McAfee welcomes the establishment of the Open Handset Alliance," trumpeted Jan Volzke, global marketing manager for McAfee mobile security. "In a highly fragmented market like mobile, industry collaboration is needed to overcome the current challenges for developers, wireless operators and handset manufacturers.

"McAfee is looking forward to support this new initiative by contributing our security expertise and technology leadership." It's obviously in McAfee's interests to talk up its security prowess, but isn't this going to at least slightly rile the Open Handset Alliance from the off?