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Office Mobile shuffles onto Android phones, tablets left out

Microsoft Office shuffles onto Android phones, tablets left out
Pandas - the key to everyone's heart

After its launch on iPhone last month, Office Mobile is now rolling over to Android starting today.

Making the announcement on its blog, Microsoft declared that phones supporting Android 4.0 or higher will be able to get the app allowing access to Word, Excel and Powerpoint, although Android tablets won't be getting in on the action for now.

Of course, you'll also have to have bought Office 365 Home Premium and ProPlus service. They ain't giving that stuff away for free, you know?

Keep rolling

The app itself, however, is free of charge. And when you've downloaded it (and subscribed) you'll be able to keep working on documents on your phone when you leave your PC, with all files stored in Microsoft's SkyDrive.

Office Mobile is more for editing than actual document creation though, so don't expect to be getting the full 365 experience.

Office Mobile is available in the Google Play store today for US Android users. Microsoft says it will then be "gradually" expanding the software to 33 other languages.