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Now Google knows the perfect time to remind you about emails

The Inbox app by Google is the company's big new way to read your email, and one of its interesting new features will remind you of an old email you dismissed - but will do so cleverly.

When the app launched you were restricted to setting a reminder for a particular time or you could choose "someday", but a new update is introducing what it calls "contextual reminders" where if you "snooze" an email it will resurface at an appropriate time and date.

It does it by reading the content of the email and judging when it think it's worth notifying you.

Smarter reminders

So, for example, if you've got an email about an appointment, it may just pop up a little beforehand to remind you it's coming up.

We're having a play around with the feature at TechRadar and it seems to be a great little addition to the already impressive email client.

These little improvements to email can make life a lot easier so download or update the Inbox app to check it out.

Via Engadget