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New 14MP phone shown off - running Android?

The new Altek Leo with Android-a-like butttons
The new Altek Leo with Android-a-like butttons

Altek has unveiled the world's first 14MP mobile phone, complete with optical zoom and HD video recording: the Altek Leo.

The new phone has both LED and Xenon flashes (for video and photography respectively) and features a full touchscreen too.

While it looks more like a camera that has a larger screen thrown on the back, its said to be running both 3G and Wi-Fi as well as offering an array of buttons similar to those used on Android phones.

Altek leo

Big and beautiful

This would be a ridiculously high-spec Android phone - especially as we're only just getting used to HD video recording with the likes of HTC Evo and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 (with future firmware upgrade).

Altek, which is known for its OEM digital camera rather than mobiles, will be announcing more information about the new Leo next month - we may even get that rarest of creatures for really high-end tech out of Asia: a UK release date.

Via GSM Arena