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Motorola is about to announce something big, but what?

Moto X
Moto X

Motorola is having a party on July 28 and we've just received our save the date message.

Simultaneous events will be held in London and New York and there will also be a livestream kicking off 9 a.m. Eastern time or 2 p.m. BST.

The invite comes plastered with the warning, "Your relationship status is about to change." That may mean it's something to do with social networking, or maybe Motorola has big plans for your love life.

We've seen quite a few weeks of the new Moto X and Moto G smartphones over the past two weeks so if we had to take a punt, we'd put our money on Motorola announcing these.

Whatever it is, TechRadar will be there to bring you the news.