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Moto Zeppelin Android coming at MWC 2010?

The Moto Zeppelin coming next month?
The Moto Zeppelin coming next month?

Motorola really is seizing the day when it comes to Android - it seems there will be another handset based on the platform soon.

Tipped to appear at Mobile World Congress next month, the new Motorola Zeppelin (unlikely to be the final name we'd imagine) looks likely to be a QWERTY-less device.

Specs-wise, is reporting it will be sporting a natty 5MP camera, a 3.2-inch display (although only HVGA), GPS and the MotoBlur interface to offer social networking integration right on the home screen.

Mid-range marvel

It's a very thin and stylish looking device, although the screen does look a little swamped by the bezel - the staple of mid-range phones.

We'd imagine this is Moto's attempt at a phone for the mid range user - it out-specs something like the HTC Magic, but will add a snazzy overlay and hopefully a higher version of Android.

We'll be at Mobile World Congress next month to have a look at this new device if it does appear, and also bring you all the other news from the shop floor.

Via Engadget