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Klipsch Image S4A Android earphones hit the UK

Klipsch Image S4A Android earphones hit the UK
Klipsch now Google friendly

Klipsch has announced that its Klipsch Image S4A earphones which have been specifically made for Android devices are now available in the UK.

Android has something of a hard time in the past when it comes to earphones.

While the iPhone has had many an earphone set dedicated to it, Android users have had to put up with buds that do nothing more than pipe music into your ears.

With the advent of Beats Audio on HTC phones, though, Android is getting some audio love and now Klipsch has also entered the fray.

Klipsch round the ear

What Klipsch is offering is definitely enticing. The Klipsch Image S4A earphones, alongside the free Klipsch Control App, offer up remote functionality.

So you can have single-button control to play, pause and skip music tracks, answer and end incoming calls, and carry out a voice search.

The earphones are compatible with Android 2.2 (and higher) devices - both phone and tablets - and will be available for £89.99.