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Google already working on Android 2.1

Android 2.1 already in the works
Android 2.1 already in the works

Google is reportedly hard at work looking at the next iteration of Android, even before the 2.0 update is released.

The new OS was spotted by Android and Me, when the site was looking at which mobile operating systems were being used to check the site.

It's not a huge amount (just 0.04% of all Android visits) but if you consider the forthcoming 2.0 update only has 0.24% of all traffic, we can assume that 2.1 is pretty far along.

Bugs begone

But the word is this isn't going to be the same kind of jump as previous 0.1 updates (unlike the raft of changes in 1.6) merely bug fixes from the big 2.0 update.

Word is it will be coming before 2010 hits, so we definitely don't think it will be anything earth-shattering, unless Google is working at warp speed, or has invented a way to time travel.

We're looking forward to seeing the Android story sort itself out - handsets like the Motorola Milestone will be packing Android version 2.0, but the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, due out next year, is still only built on version 1.6.

We're as confused as you are.

Via Unwired View and Android and Me