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'Fully assembled' iPhone 5 pics surface

iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 compared
Hey, shorty

We've seen the motherboard, the dock connector, the charging cable and even full-fledged versions, but for the first time we might actually have an accurate look, plus a comparison, of the iPhone 5.

Photos leaked today purportedly show the iPhone 5 in all its put-together glory, posed side-by-side with the iPhone 4.

The "5" is longer and leaner, fitting in with rumored specs we've seen of a five-layered app display and 4-inch screen.

The bezel is also two-toned, unlike the mono-colored iPhone 4.

Here's the iPhone 5 by its lonesome:

Fully assembled iPhone 5

(Credit: NowWhereElse via Unwired View)

Photo credit is Unwired View via NoWhereElse.

Apples to apples

The camera lense is also noticeably smaller in the iPhone 5 than the iPhone 4, though whether this plays into performance capabilities we don't know.

It looks like we really have a longer, leaner and narrower next-gen iPhone, probably coming to view officially for the first time Sept. 12 with public availability expected Sept. 21.

The leakers also managed to snap a shot of how the iPhone 5 stacks up to its earlier iterations, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3:

iPhone 3, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 compared

(Credit: NoWhereElse via Unwired View)

Don't you just want to reach out and touch it?

Via Unwired View