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Friends owe you money? PayPal's new service will help you get it back

PayPal Me

PayPal has announced a new peer-to-peer payment system that makes money transfers a little easier.

The service is called, and gives you a personal URL that you can then fling to a friend through whatever means you wish. Clicking that link will take them to a personal, secure page where they can easily transfer some cash.

Everyone can register their own username, which will form part of the URL ( - so you might want to be quick to ensure you get the one you want, or something that's as close as possible.

You can also ask for a specific amount by adding an amount to your link request. For example, you could use and it will automatically populate the field with £/$20. Your friends are running out of excuses to pay you back.

If you're in the US, this all sounds quite similar to Venmo, PayPal's existing social payments app. The main difference is that PayPal.Me is rolling out to a number of other countries. You can go to PayPal.Me to sign up now.