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Dell Thunder prototype uncovered, Android 3.0?

The Dell line-up comes closer to reality
The Dell line-up comes closer to reality

Dell's smartphone strategy was outed earlier in the year, and now we're starting to see more concrete examples of the new breed of handsets.

The Dell Thunder, which is meant to be a smartphone successor to the tablet/phone Dell Streak, has been shown off in video on Engadget.

And while it's not the most spec-heavy leak, the new phone's chassis is enough to keep us excited for weeks.

Heavy hitter

The Dell Thunder apparently has an 8MP camera, and according to the source, an OLED screen that's at least WVGA or even higher, and comes in at a whopping 4.1-inch size.

Given that it's been given a Q4 release date, the Dell Thunder seems to fit into the Android 3.0 category, which mandates large tablet-style phones with high-res screens - and if it's out before that, then an upgrade could certainly be on the cards.

The earlier leak didn't shed much light on the specs either, other than it would likely have strong Facebook and Twitter integration, so we'll keep our eyes open.

But if you want to see it in its full glory, head on over to Engadget's video and check out what could be your next smartphone.