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As Apple Pay takes off, Google has a plan to win over your wallet

Google Wallet

Despite being around since 2011, Google Wallet has struggled to achieve a significant uptake. To make matters worse, Apple Pay launched late last year and has already proven more popular. So what now, Google?

The plan, according to a new report by The Wall Street Journal, is to launch Google Wallet 2.0. The revamped service will be revealed at Google I/O in May and

However, we're also told that Google has had a tough time of getting third parties involved. In response the search giant has offered a larger piece of the revenue to certain potential partners.

Google reckons it will be able to push up the price of ads, and carriers would be able to share the spoils.

But while Google is beavering away with its wallet plans, Samsung is also getting in on the party. The company just bought mobile payments platform LoopPay and is expected to roll out its Apple Pay competitor with the Galaxy S6 next month.