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ARM to showcase Android phone next week?

Will ARM show off an Android-powered phone next week?

Will everywhere-chip manufacturer ARM be showcasing a Android-sporting phone at next week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona? New agency Reuters cites a source close to the company which says it will.

Traditional Windows Mobile supporter HTC has already said it will be one of the first manufacturers to offer a device, but it's interesting that ARM would choose to showcase the technology. ARM licenses processor technology for use in everything from the iPod and iPhone to smartphones and routers. But it doesn't make the processors themselves.

Google is the main player behind the Open Handset Alliance, which announced Android in November.

On 24 January, Google and NTT DoCoMo used a joint press conference in Tokyo to announce they would be working closely together on mobile internet services and an Android device.

We'll be at next week's Mobile World Congress to find out what ARM have to show.