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Asus ships E35M1 - its first AMD Brazos motherboard

Asus' first AMD Brazos board
Asus' first AMD Brazos board

Asus has begun shipping its first AMD Brazos platform motherboard – with the Asus E35M1 featuring the Zacate Accelerated Processing Unit.

The Zacate APU integrates CPU and GPU bringing big savings in power consumption – and it's pitched as the perfect motherboard for a home theatre PC.

"The E35M1 Series motherboards are designed to be ultra-efficient, both for energy and space savings," states Asus.

36 watts TDP

"Together with the low power draw of the Zacate APU, E35M1 Series motherboard systems consume a mere 36 watts TDP, all on a fanless design –perfect for a multitude of scenarios," it continues

"The E35M1 Series comes in a Mini ITX version, and combined with the low power draw of the APU makes it ideal for use in a HTPC setup, due to its discrete presence in the home and inexpensive continuous operating cost.

"It also comes in two Micro ATX versions, providing more flexibility for power users who are looking for a balance between a discrete form factor with power and expandability and a low energy cost."

So, if you are looking for a motherboard that is all about power-saving, without too much of a sacrifice on the graphics, then this could be an option to consider.