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RIM digs up India debate

Blackberry Bold
RIM hope to leverage the growing Indian market

The Indian Government’s request to be able to intercept emails sent by RIM’s enterprise clients using its Blackberry service has been denied by the network developers.

The Indian Information Technology Act of 2000 allows the government under certain circumstances to intercept and monitor e-mail.

No backdoor access

For enterprise customers, the user creates his own key for email access, and only he has a copy. RIM has said it does not have any back door entry or skeleton key for unlocking email, so the Indian Government will need to fund other ways of monitoring.

RIM also said the authorities already have a wide range of options to satisfy the security needs.

The encryption is not only used in Blackberry devices, as it is a mandatory requirement in all devices of this class.

Talks between the two are ongoing, though it is not believed the Government will use banning the BlackBerry service as a bargaining chip.