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Google Android phone could cost £100 in UK

£100 - and the Japanese weirdness comes free
£100 - and the Japanese weirdness comes free

News from the US suggests the Android-powered handset could cost around $199, positioning it alongside the Apple iPhone 3G in the high-end handset market.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the new handset will cost £110, but Apple's pricing in the two territories means the $199 iPhone 3G will cost just £99 in the UK.

Google November?

The HTC Dream is expected to hit the stores this November, and will be available on T-Mobile in both the US and the UK.

A press conference in the US next Tuesday should confirm all the specifications of the new handset, which will usher in a new level of open source interactivity.

Representatives of Google, HTC and T-Mobile have refused to comment on the story in the US; TechRadar is beavering away at the UK office to let us know whether the pricing is likely to reflect the US market a la Apple.