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Google and Asus may be planning super cheap Nexus 7

Google and Asus may be planning super cheap Nexus 7
How low can you go?

If the 7-inch Google Nexus 7 tablet wasn't affordable enough already, fresh reports claim an even cheaper version is on the horizon.

Digitimes, the hit-and-miss Chinese website, cites industry sources who say Taiwan-based HannStar Display is working on panels for a $99 (around £60) Nexus 7.

According to the sources the cut-price tab will land before the end of 2012, as Google and Asus (the manufacturer behind the Nexus 7) eye up the lucrative Christmas market.

Undercutting the competition

Google may also feel it needs to step up its budget-tablet game, as the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Nook HD offer up some tough competition.

Plus the iPad mini, the rumour which refuses to die, could still potentially make an appearance in the last quarter of 2012, although we'd be surprised if Apple priced its mini tablet as keenly as its rivals.

And one more thing, the $99 Nexus 7 will also launch alongside a second Nexus, sporting a $199 (around £120) price tag – however these 'industry sources' are famously unreliable, so we're not getting too excited just yet.

From Digitimes