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Google deletes drunks from Street View

Google Street View
The UK version of Street View has been full of surprises

Days after assuring us that it had the privacy of the UK's citizens at heart, Google has proved its intentions by removing scores of images from the Street View website.

The BBC is reporting that Google has responded to complaints from members of the pubic by deleting snaps of – among other things – a drunk spewing beer onto the pavement (we're assuming it's beer, but he is outside a pub) arrests and, of course, people visiting sex shops in Soho.

Useful tool

A Google spokesperson explained it was nothing to worry about: "We want this to be a useful tool and it's people's right to have their image removed. We've got millions of images, so the percentage removed was very small."

Nevertheless, anyone coming across the black page that indicates an image has been deleted usually only needs to scroll to the left or right to find an alternate view of the same scene.

What's the problem?

Besides, we hardly feel that anyone throwing up (or doing anything else in the street, for that matter) has much to complain about – these are public spaces, after all.