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Government blasted for 'cosy' relationship with Google

Government blasted for 'cosy' relationship with Google
David Cameron has met three times with Google since taking office

Google has an 'extraordinarily close relationship' with David Cameron's government, according to a scathing report in the Daily Mail.

The traditionally Tory-leaning newspaper expresses concern at the amount of meetings - at least one per month - between the search giant and the government since it took office in 2010.

The 23 meetings, which include three with the PM and four with chancellor George Osborne "increases concerns that the internet giant has the ear of the Government on a host of sensitive topics," the paper says.

The report alleges that the government has 'gone soft' on online porn (stop sniggering at the back!), and has failed to challenge Google over 'tax avoidance in the UK' as a result of the 'cosy' relationship.

Added scrutiny

The government says the meetings have all been documented and are normal considering Google's size and cultural influence.

A Tory spokesman said: "All these meetings have been properly declared and it is normal for relevant ministers to meet with a company of this size."

However the level of scrutiny will pile more pressure on the government, already under the cosh for its relationship with Rupert Murdoch and former News International CEO Rebekah Brooks.

Via: Daily Mail