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Google Hangouts doesn't require a Google account anymore

Google Hangouts

Google is breaking down barriers and opening up the usefulness of Hangouts to more people.

The search giant today announced a new feature for Hangouts chat and video calls, allowing you to invite users to a Hangouts meetings even if they don't have a Google account.

Google believes this will make it easier for businesses to host meetings and video conferences, as long as the meeting organizer has a Google account.

Open invitation

While the person organizing the Hangouts video call or chat will still needs a Google account, once you invite someone to a meeting, that person will only need to click the invitation link to join.

"No filling in forms, no need for a Google account, just simple, easy access to meetings," Google said in a blog post.

But Google still has security in mind, so organizers will still have control over adding, muting and removing anyone from a Hangouts meeting.