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Google+ gets trending topics

Google+ gets trending topics
Google+ search trends

Google has added trending topics to Google+, although it only shows up when you search from the internet giant's social network.

Google's increased focus on real-time is clear, heavily adapting its algorithm to provide more timely results and integrating other social networks like Twitter into its results.

A Google+ trending topics component always looked an obvious play, and so it has proved with the arrival of trending topics spotted by Richard Lusk and reported by TechCrunch.

Trend this

So, what does trending topics Google+ bring? Well, exactly what you'd expect to see from a feature already prevalent on other social networks.

Celebrities feature heavily – in today's searches England footballer David Beckham, musician Taylor Swift and NASCAR's Tony Stewart all feature heavily alongside movie Breaking Dawn, with Tahrir Square the highest ranked news item.

The only surprise is that the list is consigned to the search results page, although it's likely that it will make its move to a more prominent position in Google+ going forward.

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