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Google faced with Italian anti-trust probe

Google New in the news
Google New in the news

Google is currently being investigated in Italy, after a complaint was made against the company.

The missive, filed by the talian Federation of Newspaper Publishers, is centred on Google not adequately disclosing exactly how it manages its news ranking process.

The complaint has lead to Google's offices in Milan being searched and has prompted the company to write a blog post defending its processes.

Respect for content owners

Google News Senior Business Product Manager Josh Cohen said about the company's news processes: "We respect the wishes of content owners, which is why we've made it easy to opt out of our services. However, when it comes to Google News, we have far more requests for inclusion than for removal.

"We'll continue to work with all websites and news publishers to help more people discover their content, and for those that don't want to appear in Google or Google News, we'll continue to honour those requests as we always have."