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Google celebrates 12th birthday with cake

Google celebrates birthday
Google celebrates birthday

Google is 12 years old today and has celebrated the occasion in its own way by creating a cake doodle for its homepage.

Considering the search giant hasn't even hit its teenage years yet – though we do count Google Wave as that awkward period in its life when its voice tried to break and all that came out was a tortured cadence of high and low notes – Google has managed to become one of the biggest technology companies in the world and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Let them eat cake

The cake doodle was created by US painter Wayne Thiebaud. Unsurprisingly, Thiebaud has made his living out of painting cakes so we're guessing that this is the reason he was chosen to illustrate this momentous day.

He also does a cracking rendition of a toilet and some lipstick, but we can't see Google ever asking for that commission somehow.

According to Mashable, the domain name was actually created on 15 September 1997, but Google has decided to make 27 September its official day, as it was when it was incorporated as a privately held company.