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Google and Spotify discuss joint US streaming service

A Spotify link-up with Google would be huge

Google is reportedly in talks with Spotify about the possibility of co-launching a music streaming service across the pond.

The link-up would appear to make sense for both companies, with Spotify desperate to break the US and Google keen to get its long-awaited cloud-based tunes portal off the ground.

Spotify has proved one of the biggest success stories of the tech world over the last couple of years with its premium subscription model bringing in bundles of cash and fostering a market valuation of £1bn.

Google has so far struggled to pin down a definitive solution for a music service, most observers expected to arrive some time ago, and has also failed to reach any deals with the major US labels.

Arms race

Both companies have failed to comment on the speculation, which arose from a CNET source.

Google is entrenched in arms race with Apple to get a cloud-based music service to market first.

Yesterday we reported that Apple has completed work on its online music storage project but is not yet ready for launch.

While a link-up would be great for those Spotify-less folks across the Atlantic, we can't say we'd be so enamored with the prospect of Google swallowing our favourite music streaming service.

Source: CNET