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Google Chrome: the Web Developer's take

Google Chrome

Google is releasing its new Chrome browser later today, much to the surprise of pretty much anybody that doesn't work for Google (and probably most of those that do) so TechRadar decided to quiz web developers to get their take on the news.

"Almost everything Google does is interesting, and this is no exception," Marcus Dyson, CEO of leading UK web developers, eleventeenth told us.

"As Google says, competition is good - and while Mozilla is a worthy opponent to IE, another will be good to have, as long as it's standard compliant."

Internet Explorer's idiosyncracies

Dyson continues: "Web application developers already have enough of a challenge accommodating IE's idiosyncrasies, but if it's webkit based compliance should not be an issue."

The fact that Google is claiming Chrome will not crash your browser if one tab goes down is a boon, according to Dyson, because, "Chrome being process based rather than thread based means that it will isolate tabs from the bad behaviour of sites open in other tabs."

Finally, Dyson notes that "incorporating Gears sounds interesting, but we'll have to wait until we get our hands on it to see what that means in real terms.

"Overall, we're cautiously excited by this announcement."