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HP Touchsmart picks up CES Innovation award

HP TouchSmart - award
HP TouchSmart - award

Hewlett Packard's Touchsmart Desktop PC and Lenovo's ThinkPad portable secure hard drive were among the computing winners in the CES 2009 Best of Innovation Honorees awards.

The awards – which take in 35 categories and feature technology that will be appearing in the Consumer Electronics Show in January of next year – pick out the most exciting products.

The major winner in computer hardware was the HP TouchSmart IQ506, which the award described as 'A next-generation, touch-enabled all-in-one desktop PC that combines a 22-inch high-definition widescreen with a powerful energy efficient processor and HP TouchSmart software that is optimized for touch interactions.'

Security HD

Also picking up the best of innovations tag was Lenovo's security conscious portable hard drive – which boasts 128-bit Andvanced Encryption Standard security.

Whipsaw Inc's Pano – which aims to replace corporate desktops – is a hardware only terminal with no software and no OS and in the Enabling Technologies category Rpicord2 was a winner.

Ripcord2 is: "The world's first and only single-chip 65nm all-CMOS solution targeted for WiMedia UWB and Wireless USB applications, enabling low-power, high-speed wireless connections for multimedia content."